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The City has an Underused Budget

The present council has done a good job at money management and is conservative. Sometimes things get mired in an approval process because action is not taken . We have about a 20-30 million uncommitted  budget surplus. Projects like a dog park would be low cost and a great way to use part of this for the benefit of all citizens in La Mirada.

The City Council Does What It Wants

The city council recently gave final approval to a housing project on the Van Dam Estate on Valley View. Unfortunately, the neighboring residents didn't want it due to traffic concerns and privacy issues. The council did this in the best interests of the city but who is the city? THE PEOPLE.


Why Your Vote Counts

December 29, 2019

I am going to make a difference. La Mirada is a great city on its own terms. The present council has done a great job of managing its finances and its social media presence. It needs  CUSTOMER SERVICE. When I went to a recent meeting, I was taken aback by how a resident’s issue with a disturbance was handled.  I have spent  over 26 years in retail and I know customer service and have been awarded honors for it. You, my constituents, are my customers and your concerns will be heard and addressed.


Show Your Support

You Can Help

Running a campaign is hard work. Bringing about change is harder . Show John you care with a contribution of talent or treasure.GO FUND ME here (yes its legal according to the FPPC). Call John to donate your talent at 714-608-2625;


The Platform Simple and Actionable

John will LISTEN, ACKNOWLEDGE and ACT  on your concerns


Home Affordability in La Mirada

The average salary of a La Mirada citizen is 80k  yet they cannot afford an average $600k home. John will work ensure that home buyer assistance programs are created.

School Safety

School safety is a top concern. John will work to provide the resources necessary to ensure that our schools are safe and conducive to learning whether it be installing more officers or well tooled campus security hardware.

City Enjoyment

We need a dog park and a skate park as our neighboring cities already have. Dogs are like family members and should be treated as such. We have a diverse population that has diverse interests in recreation and this needs to be addressed. John will look for creative ways to bring these ideas to life.

Educational Opportunity

John will look for ways to create internships and learning opportunities within the city to help our students excel professionally and make a living that is secure and promotes family life.

Restaurants and Businesses

John Accornero is truly passionate about this issue. We have persistent vacancies at our shopping center and while it is known its privately owned, there is nothing to bring in those tourist dollars to our city except the Civic Theater. Whitwood Mall has gets a Christmas tree during the holidays and we dont, They have major anchor retailers and  we dont, yet their owned by the same people. I will work to get fine dining brought here and other possiblities


The homeless need a place to go and not just under a bridge or park. The Homeless are because they have lost trust in the system of empty promises. We can start by finding underused commercial property to put in a 50 bed shelter to help those get back on their feet , clean mentally and physically so that they can be a productive citizen. Fullerton already provided $500000 as seed money.

Solar La Mirada

Sometimes its not practical for a homeowner to go solar but we have a large parking lot at the
La Mirada shopping center that could have covered parking that is actually solar generation and vehicle charging stations.  The Civic Center can actually set the example with this.


This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. John Accornero is pushing for change, and is doing everything they can to see a brighter future. Learn more and join the cause today.

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I am embarking on a journey to represent your interest in the Council . Will you join me? let me know what issues are important to you.